Chantelle Bras in New York City, NY

Chantelle Bras in Fargo, North DakotaDo you live in New York City, New York? Then check out our New Chantelle Arrivals including your favorite bras! Chantelle bras, panties and lingerie items are simply beautiful. However, it doesn't stop there. Chantelle is also on the leading edge of shapewear and lingerie technology. Discoveries like memory foam and spacer bra designs have made it possible for a woman to change her figure dramatically. Chantelle manufactures exquisite bras, panties and shapewear for women of every shape and size. Chantelle has confirmed its place as the world’s leader in high-end French lingerie with its wide product offerings.

Choose the Chantelle bra type and bra style that best suits your body type and lifestyle in New York City, New York.

The Chantelle spirit: the French Allure. Every woman has the gift of cultivating a natural elegance. This barely perceptible little spark is called allure. It is not something you learn, it is simply her self-confidence showing through. Chantelle reveals this timeless beauty in a trail of modernity, very sensual, very French, that feeling of being chic in all circumstances.

Chantelle showcases a new vision of the French Allure, for women living in New York City, New York, by celebrating the glamorous and the sensuous. Chantelle Lingerie is simple, and has become a staple essential for every woman's wardrobe. It is the symbol of elegance. With its perfectly proportioned and balanced lines, these designs embody the Parisian style. The Chantelle Couture spirit is built on a unique heritage, continuously enriched with new designs and fabrics.

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