Amazone Soft Cup Bra in Ivory
  • Amazone Soft Cup Bra in Ivory
  • Amazone Soft Cup Bra, back veiw in Ivory
  • Amazone Soft Cup Bra, cup detail in Ivory
  • Amazone Soft Cup Bra in Ivory

This Chantelle Amazone Wire-Free Bra has unique soft cups are multi-sectioned to hold and direct breasts forward instead of splaying out to the sides, providing uplift and a more rounded silhouette. The result is comfortable support and a sensual look. Side panels help to keep a slim and smooth shape on the sides. Reinforced cups sewn in three places offer maximum support and stay-put hold, and make a comfortable cradle for average to full breasts. It looks gorgeous on your body and feels incredibly comfortable.

Price: $84.00
    • Ivory


    • Wire-free, soft cup bra. 
    • Transparent upper cup using embroidered lace and tulle. 
    • Opaque at the bottom of the cup offering more fit. 
    • Horizontal seam for a more projected shape. 
    • Side sling for centering and containing of breast tissue.
    • Fully adjustable centered straps to prevent sliding off shoulders.
    • Leotard back for additional support. Rigid opaque band. 
    • Small bow detail. Stays in all cup sizes. 
    • Top half of cups is made of beautiful, embroidered sheer tulle. 
    • Scalloped edges along the neckline add a pretty touch. 
    • Side support panels help keep breasts front and center. 
    • Shoulder straps are adjustable in the back for the ideal fit.

    Fabric Content: 68% Polyamide/22% Polyester/9% Spandex/1% Rayon


    • Hand wash your bra in a delicate detergent. Harsh detergents and bleaches can destroy elastic and lace.
    • Rinse garment in cold water to restore the bra's shape and elasticity.
    • Air dry your bra. Heat can destroy both fibers and elastic.
    • Do not twist the bra to remove excess water.


    • Carefully fold your bra to prevent snagging or crushing.


    • Use a lingerie travel bag to keep your bras together. Don't forget to fasten the hooks to prevent snagging.
    • Place socks or hosiery in the cups of padded bras to prevent cup crushing.
    • A separate lingerie travel bag is also recommended for panties.